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Details: Renaissance Life and Health Insurance Company of New York. The Company is a for-profit corporation authorized to write life insurance, and accident and health insurance as defined in paragraphs 1 and 3 of Section 1113(a) of the New York Insurance Law. The Company offered only indemnity dental insurance until 2017 when the

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Insurance Circular Letter No. 11 (2021): Department of

Details: 1 86 FR 36872.. 2 The continuing care requirements in Insurance Law § 4804(e) and Public Health Law § 4403(6)(e) use the term “provider,” which Insurance Law Article 48 and Public Health Law Article 44 do not define and which is broader than the term “health care professional” that is defined in Insurance Law § 4803(h) and Public Health Law § 4406-d(9) as “a health …

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Details: A society which owns stock of an insurance company MUST NOT use a value greater than the value permitted by Section 1414(c) of the New York Insurance Law. The total of all adjustments to the assets reported in the Annual Statement filed on a Home State basis should be reported on Page2, Line 2 of this

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Insurance Circular Letter No. 12 (2021): Provider

Details: Insurance Law §§ 3217-a(a)(17) and 4324(a)(17) and Public Health Law § 4408(1)(r) include requirements for provider directories, and § 52.69 of 11 NYCRR 52 (Insurance Regulation 62) includes requirements for health insurance identification cards.

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Health Insurance Coverage for Infertility Services

Details: If a health insurance policy only provides coverage for in-network benefits (e.g., an EPO or HMO), then coverage may be limited to in-network providers unless your insurer does not have an in-network provider with the appropriate training and expertise. If your health insurance policy provides coverage for out-of-network services (e.g., a PPO

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Insurance Circular Letter No. 13 (2021): The No Surprises

Details: 42 U.S.C §300gg-46(a) requires issuers offering individual comprehensive health insurance coverage or issuers offering short-term limited duration insurance coverage to disclose to an insured the amount of direct or indirect compensation provided by the issuer to an insurance producer associated with enrolling individuals in such coverage.

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Insurance Companies: Appointment/Termination …

Details: Sponsoring Insurance companies have 15 days from the date the agency contract is executed or the first insurance application (contract/policy) is submitted. All Appointments will reflect the current date only. Appointment, Approval/Decline, and Termination Application.

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Certificates of Insurance and Endorsements Department …

Details: A Certificate of Insurance is often used as proof that a policy of insurance is in effect. It is merely a document used in business to summarize information about the insurance coverage. It is usually a brief summary of the essential terms, conditions and duration of the contract of insurance that is in effect between the insured and the insurer.

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Health Insurance Coverage, Domestic Partners …

Details: Pursuant to New York Public Health Law §4406 (McKinney 2001), New York Insurance Law §4305(c)(1) is also applicable to group contracts issued by Health Maintenance Organizations. The New York Insurance Law does not prohibit coverage of domestic partners, provided there is a showing of economic, as opposed to emotional, dependence.

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Factors Impacting Physical Damage Coverage Premiums

Details: 50 rows · Factors Impacting Damage Coverage Premiums. Premiums charged for physical …

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Group Health Insurance Policy, Coverage of Grandchildren

Details: New York Insurance Law § 4235 (f), governing the terms of group policies issued by commercial insurers, has a similar provision. Accordingly, a New York HMO may, if it desires, issue a contract to XYZ that will include grandchildren as dependents. Whether the grandchild is chiefly dependent upon the grandparent for support and maintenance is a

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Insurance Coverage of Domestic Partners Department of

Details: Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) coverage is a subset of accident & health insurance. New York Insurance Law § 4325(c)(1) (McKinney 2000 and 2003 Supplement) sets forth the groups to which an accident & health insurance policy may be issued. New York Insurance Law § 4235(c)(1)(L) authorizes:

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Long Term Care: Comparing Premiums for LTC Insurance

Details: When a premium is approved for a new long term care insurance policy, it is expected to remain stable throughout the life of a policy. Typically, insureds make the same payment annually for the amount of time required by the policy (usually lifetime …

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FAQs: Regulation 194 Insurance Producer Disclosures

Details: An insurance producer, other than a title insurance agent, still must provide the mandatory initial disclosure required by § 30.3(a) of Insurance Regulation 194 to all purchasers, and a title insurance agent must provide the mandatory initial disclosure required by Insurance Law § 2113(b) and § 30.3(g) of Insurance Regulation 194 regardless

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Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance Department of

Details: The Office of General Counsel has previously addressed this type of insurance offering, concluding that when an authorized insurer, either directly or indirectly, provides a travel agent with travel insurance that the travel agent then provides to customers making travel arrangements, both the insurer and the travel agent are in violation of N

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N.Y. Ins. Law § 4105(a) Department of Financial Services

Details: The Office of General Counsel issued the following opinion on October 15, 2003 representing the position of the New York State Insurance Department. Re: N.Y. Ins. Law § 4105(a) Question: How should N.Y. Ins. Law § 4105(a) be interpreted for purposes of determining the amount of dividends declared or paid?

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Charging of Fees by Insurance Agents and Brokers

Details: An insurance agent may not charge a fee for its involvement in reinstating an insurance policy irrespective of whether or not the insured agrees to such fee in writing. However, an insurance broker may do so provided that N.Y. Ins. Law § 2119 (c) and (d) (McKinney 2000) requirements have been met.

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OGC Opinion No. 03-02-10: Doing an Insurance Business

Details: The Office of General Counsel issued the following opinion on February 7, 2003, representing the position of the New York State Insurance Department. Re: Doing an Insurance Business Questions Presented: 1) What is the definition of "doing an insurance business" in New York State? 2) How can an alien insurer become authorized to do an insurance business in New …

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